Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie

Opublikowano 13 grudnia 2021
RE CONSTRUCTION  SHOE CONSTRUCTION | Shelly Satat-Kombor from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

RE CONSTRUCTION SHOE CONSTRUCTION Shelly Satat-Kombor from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem The idea of the workshop was deceptively simple.  Aiming to raise awareness about sustainable fashion, circularity and upcycling, workshop participants spent a month searching for old shoes in their closets, on the streets and in second-hand shops in order to breathe new life into them under the guidance of... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 27 listopada 2021
Trip to Łódź

A one-day trip to Łódź Trip for Erasmus student-participants of the Introduction to protection of cultural heritage, students of the Intercatedral Devision NOVUM Care and Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art and other interested Erasmus students organizer: Erasmus Office person in charge of the trip: Anna Kowalik substantive support: prof. Iwona Szmelter   TRIP PLAN: Museum of Art in Łódź (MS1... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 20 listopada 2021
Festival New Europe. Queer Gaze | Tanz

A ballet class under Beatrice Schönherr direction, the first ballerina to dance Le Sacre de Printemps naked (John Neumeier's Le Sacre, 1972), provides the framework of Florentina Holzinger’s TANZ. The performers undergo rigorous training in "action ballet", the so-called "sylphic studies". In collective rituals, they learn to master their bodies and minds, and they acquire supernatural powers, such as flying. A quest for perfection in an ephemeral world, during which the gross is... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 17 listopada 2021
Yochai Avrahami's Lecture | Uzi: Bauhaus and the Israeli Arms Industry

Dear Students, on November 23 (Tuesday) at 11.30 a.m. in room 1.01 (WZKW, Wybrzeze Kosciuszkowskie 37/39, I floor) a lecture by Yochai Avrahami entitled Uzi: Bauhaus and the Israeli Arms Industry. Yohai Avrahami is a visual artist and lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. He visits us as part of the Erasmus+ program. The lecture is open to all students and lecturers of... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 29 października 2021
Theatre Goingout 29.10 | Odyssey. A Story for Hollywood

Krzysztof Warlikowski crafts a panorama of unexpected analogies. On a journey of free associations, he leads us through surprising landscapes and constellations of characters, testing our ability to take on another global human conflict, while also offering up a few tested-and-tried ways of surviving. Odyssey. A Story for Hollywood takes us on a journey from Homer and his hero Odysseus to Hanna Krall and her heroine Izolda,... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 27 października 2021
One of our Erasmus+ alumnae, Marianne Kurki 🇫🇮 playing her joyfully sparkling dj-set.

Erasmus Student Network Warsaw United and Erasmus+ ASP present the rave party you were looking for! This event is going to be dedicated to pure techno music! This time we have invited the very special guests! First of all, SHAZZE, the dj who has been playing in well - known London clubs - EGG and Ministry of Sound. This night... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 19 października 2021
Work in Progress [Erasmus+ Student] Stephanie Zimmer

Stephanie Zimmer Faculty of Stage Design second-cycle studies, 1st year   See all the works at online2021.asp.waw.pl

Opublikowano 6 października 2021
Rekrutacja dodatkowa na semestr letni Erasmus+

Drogie Studentki, Drodzy Studenci, serdecznie zapraszamy do wzięcia udziału w rekrutacji dodatkowej na wymianę studencką na semestr letni roku 2021/2022 w ramach programu Erasmus+. Rekrutacja rozpoczyna się dzisiaj i trwa do 13 października do godz. 12.00. Na stronie https://erasmus.asp.waw.pl/wyjazdy-na-studia/  dostępne są dokumenty dotyczące zasad i procesu rekrutacji:  Lista szkół partnerskich (uwaga, dostępne są tylko uczelnie z listy, proszę o tym pamiętać podczas aplikowania) Instrukcja do rekrutacji w systemie Akademus Prezentacja programu Erasmus+ Zasady ogólne i finansowe... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 1 października 2021
Integrational Lunch for Erasmus+ Incoming Students
Opublikowano 1 października 2021
Staff Mobility for Teaching | University of Ostrava

Workshops of the printmaking technique – lithography: educational lecture presenting a historical outline with examples from art history and the use of lithography in modern printmaking as a field of fine art with the practical workshops for students; training on basis of the lithography technique; establishing international cooperation.

Opublikowano 17 września 2021
Staff Mobility for Training | Hands-on Type Conference

ESAD in Portugal is a great choice for Erasmus+ activity. I've taken part in Hands-on Type Conference and a letterpress workshop. I'm really amazed! The school is very modern and has great facilities, but what is more important – people are very friendly and helpful. Hands–on type organizers put a lot of effort into making that event a great experience for... Czytaj dalej...