Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie

Opublikowano 20 czerwca 2022

Students and recent graduates of the following disciplines are invited to apply for a traineeship at Kunsthalle Bratislava: fine arts, art management, curating, art writing, photography, art education, communication, audio-visual arts, graphic design and related fields. The traineeship will take place in English and in person in Bratislava, Slovakia. The trainee would be part of a small curatorial, production and art... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 23 maja 2022
Our Erasmus Student's exhibition in Valencia

Dzień dobry, przesyłam plakat do mojej wystawy w Walencji. Czas trwania wystawy: czerwiec/lipiec, otwarcie: 3.06.2022.   Serdecznie pozdrawiam,   Joanna Napiórkowska

Opublikowano 23 maja 2022
Lecture about Bulgarian Cyrillic, past and present. Bulgarian font design in the digital era. 25.05.2022

Wednesday 25th of May, we'll have a lecture by Svetlin Balezdrov about Bulgarian alphabet celebrating the Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture and of Slavic literature. Come to Sala Kinowa, Krakowskie Przedmieście 5, Faculty of Graphic Arts, to collaborate and listen. Bulgarian is a Southern Slavic language with about 12 million... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 20 maja 2022
Letter from the Future | Street exhibition in Jaffa

Curator: Avraham Cornfeld Hebrew script has come a long way over the years - the ancient proto-Canaanite alphabet evolved and changed until it became the form we know today. As the Hebrew language demonstrated dynamism and the ability to renew, the letters that make up the language also appear to strive to change shape and evolve over time. Will the same... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 20 maja 2022
Museum of Design Holon

Design Museum Holon is part of a long-standing commitment to culture and education in the city of Holon. Design Museum Holon opened in March 2010 and quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading museums of design and contemporary culture. Housed in an iconic building by the internationally acclaimed architect, Ron Arad, Design Museum Holon is a vital and dynamic resource for... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 13 maja 2022
Open Staff Week: Be Well on a Sustainable Environment | Polytechnic of Leiria

  The Polytechnic of Leiria invited us to participate on the International Week that took place from 9 – 13 May in Portugal. This was a thematic week that also included an Open Staff Week on the theme of mental, physical, and emotional health. We were able to attend workshops that focused on promoting a true wellness culture among students, teachers and staff: Exercise... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 28 kwietnia 2022
Mood for Wood in Poznań and Cieszyn

Mood for Wood are international workshops aimed for students of design degrees interested in actual project realisation. So far 9 international editions of the project have taken place, with participation of the joint number of over 400 students from Poland, Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. During the workshops, students, with the help of recognised... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 27 kwietnia 2022

RURAL ENVIRONMENT DESIGN POST-MASTER DEGREE An off-site programme run by the École des Arts Décoratifs at Nontron, in Dordogne (southwest France). The Rural Environment Design programme offered by the École des Arts Décoratifs takes place off-site, in Nontron, Dordogne. It focuses on the use of design in developing rural areas and responds to localised issues in close collaboration with actors in the field. The course is... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 14 kwietnia 2022
SOUNDS LIKE HOME / BRZMI JAK DOM | Erasmus+ Students exhibiton

Home, in many ways, is not a location but a contouring of one’s history, both material and imagined. Home can be a reminder of what is or what is no longer; it is a concept that has the potential for fullness and solace or absence and dissonance, which is shaped by constellations of people, place, and time. And so perhaps what is most objective in this... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 1 kwietnia 2022
ACTION AUCTION. ASP in Warsaw for Ukraine.

In a war situation, ACTION is necessary. We warmly invite you to participate in a charity art auction.   The event, organized by the Foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw as part of its aid activities for Ukraine, was initiated by students of our University. We are waiting for submissions of works by students, graduates, teachers and lecturers of our University until April 8th!... Czytaj dalej...

Opublikowano 1 kwietnia 2022
Art Schools for Ukrainian Students

Together with our Partners we have a put up a list of Art schools willing to help Ukrainian Students. Plz share: https://bit.ly/366RICJ

Opublikowano 18 lutego 2022
Rekrutacja ERASMUS+ na rok akademicki 2022/23

Otwieramy rekrutację dla studentów i pracowników. ‌ Zapraszamy do wzięcia udziału w rekrutacji na wymianę studencką i pracowniczą w ramach programu Erasmus+. Rekrutacja na studia rozpocznie się 14 marca i potrwa do 25 marca do godz. 12.00. Studenci mogą wyjechać na: ‌ studia - minimum 3 miesiące, zgłoszenia odbywają się w systemie Akademus, praktyki studenckie w wakacje lub absolwenckie po obronie dyplomu, UWAGA! zgłoszenie należy złożyć miesiąc przed obroną, czas... Czytaj dalej...