Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie

Housing, Visa and Insurance

What to do after you are accepted for the exchange:
  1. First you should confirm you are interested in the exchange. We will inform your Erasmus+ office, but you are advised to do the same. If you drop out, please let us know as well.
  2. You can start constructing your Learning Agreement. We only accept Online Learning Agreements, no paper versions are allowed:  https://www.learning-agreement.eu/ (you can also use Erasmus+ Mobile App with the same account).. 
    Check the courses offered at the Academy:  https://erasmus.asp.waw.pl/course-catalogues/ (the programs are provisional, they might slightly change, you will construct the final ones after you arrive in Warsaw): .
    Remember to put your DEPARTMENTAL COORDINATOR (not me) as Responsible person in the Online Learning Agreement! They are responsible for your education at the Faculties and you should ask them all the questions concerning courses. You can find their emails on the website above.
  3. Before you come to Poland, you will have to take a language test. In my opinion, you should take a Polish language test even though you don't know the language and here is why. The result doesn't matter. You most probably will fail the test in Polish, that's obvious. But since you took a test in Polish, you will be able to take an Online Language Course in Polish for free. On the other hand, if you take the test in English, you will do better on the test, but you won't be able to study Polish online. Your choice.
  4. Please, check your VISA requirements if not sure you can come to Poland without any additional legal documents. The information is included in our Erasmus+ Student Guide in the attachment or directly at the governmental websites: https://mazowieckie.pl/en or https://www.msz.gov.pl/en/p/msz_en/travel_to_poland/entering_poland/ . For travelling in Europe during pandemic, please consult:  https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/POL  . 
  5. When it comes to accommodation, you are bound to arrange it on your own. Unfortunately, the Academy doesn't have any dorms available. Here are some websites you can visit, yet it is not an offer from our side. I advise you to use  https://www.gumtree.pl/s-pokoje-do-wynajecia/warszawa/v1c9000l3200008p1 or  https://www.olx.pl/nieruchomosci/stancje-pokoje/warszawa/ as every Polish person does. This way you can get regular prices. Pokój means room. If you are interested in renting a whole apartment because you want to share it with other students, change the filters for Mieszkanie which means Apartment. The cheapest and at the same time nice district would be Praga, but you can also go for districts closer to your Faculty. The average price is 700/800 PLN, depending on the standard, the cheapest options start with 500, and the maximum would be 1200 PLN since that's the minimal cost of a studio apartment. If looking for a room in Polish is too hard, you can go for agencies helping Erasmus+ students, but they are more expensive. :
  6. You can check other expenses here:  https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Warsaw
  7. The important information is that the Academy doesn't offer you any art materials! You should bring some with you, if you have your favorite pencils, paints etc., or you can buy them here, but generally art supplies are quite expensive, so we advise to plan it beforehand. 
  8. Upon arrival, you will get a student ID which entitles you to reduced-price tickets and you can program a city travel ticket on it (monthly or three months contracts).
  9. Another thing you have to take into consideration is tourist insurance for example https://www.isic.org/get-your-card/. Arrange it in your country. And if you are European, take European Health Insurance Card which will give you free access to Health Care.   
  10. Talking about health. Contraceptives are quite restricted in Poland (you can only get them with a prescription, morning after pill as well). You might want to consider bringing your own supplies with you.
  11. You should join all of these: