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Learning Agreement and Course Programs

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You can use the information from the catalogs to construct your Before Mobility Learning Agreement, however please consider that some classes might have additional admissions and you might not get accepted for the course!

Here are 4 easy steps you have to take:

If your school does not use OLA, the document should be filled out in a Word and signatures should be collected traditionally or electronically, then forwarded in scanned/pdf form to the relevant coordinators. Link to traditional version of LA.  In other cases please follow the instruction below.

  1. Create an account at learning-agreement.eu. Watch the video How to log into Online Learning Agreement?
  2. Construct your LA. Put in one subject per one line. Watch the video How to create your Online Learning Agreement?
  3. Put your departmental coordinator as Responsible person. They will be signing all the documents regarding your education here.
    Graphic Arts  Mateusz Dąbrowski mateusz.dabrowski@asp.waw.pl
    Painting Matylda Tracewska matylda.tracewska@asp.waw.pl
    Sculpture Anna Siekerska anna.siekierska@asp.waw.pl
    Design  Michał Stefanowski michal.stefanowski@asp.waw.pl
    Fashion Design (only winter semester) Aleksandra Jatczak-Repeć aleksandra.jatczak@asp.waw.pl
    Interior Design Anna Krzeminska anna.krzeminska@asp.waw.pl
    Stage Design Jędrzej Skajster jedrzej.skajster@asp.waw.pl
    Conservation Tytus Sawicki tytus.sawicki@asp.waw.pl
    Media Art Ewa Bobrowska ewa.bobrowska@asp.waw.pl
  4. If everything is correct, we will sign it.
    Please, read all information thoroughly and stick to the guidelines specific for the Faculty you will be studying at. For sure, Learning Agreements should be complete, ranging from 20 ECTS to 30 ECTS (you can slightly exceed the number). It is important that you do it before arrival in accordance with your university standards and curriculum because it's your university that is responsible for the Recognition of Outcomes and pays the Financial Support. If there is a deadline you have to keep, please state it in the message, so we can adjust to the circumstances.
  5. Later on, after you arrive, you'll meet with the departmental coordinator and you'll readjust the courses according to your needs. Please watch the video How to make changes to your Online Learning Agreement?


  1. How to use the Learning Agreement
  2. Request for a Course outside of Faculty
  3. Request for Switching Faculties
  4. Request for Extension of ERASMUS
  5. Confirmation of Stay


Conservation | Design | Fashion(only winter semester) | GraphicInterior Design | Media Art Painting | SculptureStage Design

Time Tables:

Conservation | Design | Fashion(only winter semester) | GraphicInterior Design | Media ArtPainting | SculptureStage Design