How to apply

ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME Admission requirements

The Erasmus+ Programme is available to students from our partner universities according to individual bilateral agreements between our institutions.

Students interested in studying in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme at our Academy should be officially nominated by the Erasmus+ Office of their home institution.

We would like to inform you that despite our efforts and declarations, the online application system cannot be lauched due to technical problems.

So we kindly ask you to apply by sending the required materials by traditional post (preferable option) or via e-mail:

You are required to submit the following supporting materials as part of your application:

– Application Form
– Portfolio (printed or on CD)
– Letter of motivation
– Curriculum vitae
– Photocopy of ID card or passport
– Two passport size photos


To apply for winter semester 2017/18:      31 May 2017


NOTE: Students can apply for one faculty only. More information on our faculties and specializations:


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