Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie

Letter from the Future | Street exhibition in Jaffa

Opublikowano 20 maja 2022

Curator: Avraham Cornfeld

Hebrew script has come a long way over the years - the ancient proto-Canaanite alphabet evolved and changed until it became the form we know today. As the Hebrew language demonstrated dynamism and the ability to renew, the letters that make up the language also appear to strive to change shape and evolve over time. Will the same signs used by writers of the Bible, Rachel the Poetess and the drafters of the Declaration of Independence also retain their current form in the digital future? Will the next generation or two give rise to new letters and forms of communication that will push out the old letters and take their place?

In the "Letter from the Future" exhibition, we asked the top designers in Israel to image the future of one or more letters, under reasonable or completely imaginary scenario, using techniques of their choosing. The works in the exhibit touch on a range of personal and collective themes, due to the unique methods of expression and voices.

The preoccupation with the form of language in the future has raised a flood of broad questions among the artists in relation to the world that awaits us all. After two years of Covid-19 Pandemic, certain artists could not avoid engaging in the possibility of an apocalyptic future, criticizing the technological and material world. On te other hand, some works reflect optimism and a burning belief in the victory of the spirit. Other artists found themselves discussing the form of technological language, which increasingly relies on accepted and sentimental signs(emojis). The 58 works displayed along Mazal Dagim and Mazal Aryeh allies in Old Jaffa shed, each in its own way, an interpretative spotlight on our distant or near future.

The Old Jaffa Development Company aims to create an inspiring cultural space that combines unique art. The shadowbox gallery in the alleys creates natural and accessible meeting points with artists. We are delighted to host top creative talent in Israel's artistic and design community.