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Opublikowano 19 stycznia 2022



2-4 weeks of living and working in Görlitz

1 week of exhibiting

The deadline for applications is February 28, 2022, 12 pm.

The ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN Festival 2022 for contemporary arts is looking for
resident artists! We invite you to a two to four week working stay in Görlitz,
where you can realise your artistic concepts. These should refer to this year’s
festival topic “Im Kontakt – in touch – w kontakcie”. Your works will be presented
during the festival from 8 to 17 July. Please use the application form below to
apply for a residency. The closing date for applications is 28 February 2022. We
are looking forward to diverse positions and concepts!

The ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN Festival takes place at various abandoned locations in
Görlitz every year. It addresses the structural change in Görlitz and Lusatia and
thus, among other things, the aging of society, migration, vacancy, the rise of
right-wing parties. The respective festival theme offers current and stimulating
ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN was founded in 2007 in response to the need to express
the potential of the city’s vacant buildings and the ideas of young artists. Over
time, it developed from an art exhibition into a Festival lasting several days with
concerts, parties, performances, discussion rounds and workshops. Today, the
festival is not only a platform for regional as well as international positions of
contemporary visual arts, but also a crystallization point for regional
engagement for the region.

This year’ s festival theme is:
Im Kontakt – in touch – w kontakcie
The world is defined by the existence of various borders, their formation and
collapse. In contact with mental, physical and territorial barriers arise
misunderstandings and uncertainties, which can be overcome through
intimacy and communication. IN CONTACT – IN TOUCH – W KONTAKCIE deals
with the Us, the Other and the loud silence in between. The modern guiding
principle of total networking conflicts with the need for real connection. What
does it mean to be close to each other? What keeps us from being in touch?
Where do bridges need to be built, where do walls need to be broken down?
How does it feel when contact breaks off?
We stay in touch.

1. Application and contents
2. Jury and selection procedure
3. Compensation for expenses, accommodation, travel and transport costs
4. Period of the residency
5. Provision of materials and tools
6. Insurance and contracts
7. Active participation
8. Publictaion
9. Application form and deadline

1. Application and contents

• Anyone can apply, both individual artists and groups of artists.
• Applications are welcome from all disciplines. The only thing to ensure is
that the work created during the residency must relate to the festival
theme (“Im Kontakt – in touch – w kontakcie”) and the city of Görlitz.
• The application is made exclusively via the online form below.
• Content of the application is a concept or an outline of an idea for an
artistic work, which is to be realized during the residency.
• The concept or idea sketch should be presented in a PDF file, using text,
sketches, or any other visual means that help explain the concept.
• If possible, the PDF document must include information about technical
resources, materials, and requirements for the spaces in which you plan to
produce your artwork.
• If necessary, Video content must be included in the form of links to a
common video platform.
• Information about the artist must NOT be included in the concept. This is
to ensure a fair and anonymous application process. Applications that are
not anonymous will be excluded.

• A Sample-PDF can be accessed here: https://www.zuvi-festival.de/wp/wp-

2. Jury and selection procedure

• Only anonymous applications received by the deadline will be considered.
• An external jury will select this year’s resident artists from the applications
• This year’s jury consists of:
• The residency artists will be selected from March 18 – 20, 2022.
• The selected artists will be informed by mail by March 25 at the latest.
3. Compensation for expenses, accommodation, travel and

transport costs

• Per artist in residence 200€ material costs and 400€ compensation for
expenses can be paid.
• Travel costs to and from the festival will be reimbursed after prior
consultation with the festival team.
• For the residency and festival period, appropriate accommodation for the
artists and a production and exhibition space for their artistic work will be
provided. The festival team will be in close consultation with the artists.
• After the selection by the jury, the selected artists will be involved in the
planning of the residency.

4. Period of the residency

• The residency of the ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN 2022 will take place
immediately before the festival. The minimum length of the residency is 2
weeks, and the maximum length is 4 weeks. Accordingly, the residency
can begin no later than June 24 and no earlier than June 10, 2022.
• The festival will be held from July 8 to July 17, 2022.
5. Provision of materials and tools

• During the exhibition, materials needed for the installation and hanging
of the works (tools, technical equipment such as beamers or speakers, as
well as consumables such as wood, dowels, screws and paper) will be
provided after consultation and confirmation by the festival team.
• The material list submitted with the application is not compulsory, but
should be as precise as possible.

6. Insurance and contracts

• The festival will take place in Görlitz from July 8 to July 17, 2022. Should
there be pandemic-related restrictions, so that the festival cannot take
place during the planned period, the organizers are free to postpone or
cancel the festival (and the residency). However, this will be done in close
consultation with the artists.
• The festivals exhibition always takes place in vacant buildings in Görlitz,
meaning that the walls of the exhibition spaces may be porous, uneven or
slightly damp, or such. In addition, the building may be a protected
monument. This must be taken into account in the application.
• The exhibition rooms are not open to the public outside the opening
hours of the festival.
• During the opening hours of the festival, the artworks will be guarded by
the festival team.
• With the hanging or installation, the works are insured against theft and
protected from damage. The insurance details are included in the
exhibition contract.
• The exhibition contract will be sent to the artists in advance. The contract
must be signed before the residency begins.
• This year’s festival building has not yet been determined. It is planned to
have several showrooms close to each other in a busy street in the city
center of Görlitz. The selected artists will be informed as soon as possible,
as soon as the exhibition spaces are fixed.

• Owners of the created works are the respective artists. The return
transport can be subsidized in consultation with the festival team.

7. Active participation

• We would like to invite all resident artists to actively participate in the
• Possibilities to get involved include leading a workshop, giving a lecture,
art talks, working in a open studio, etc.
• The festival team is very happy to support the artists in their projects. We
kindly ask you to send us your ideas and suggestions with your
8. Application form and application deadline
• Applications must be submitted using the online application form only:
The deadline for applications is February 28, 2022, 12 pm.
If you have any questions or technical problems, the festival team can be
reached at:
We look forward to receiving your applications!

For more information, see:
Internetseite: https://www.zuvi-festival.de/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zukunftsvisionen/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zukunfts_visionen/?hl=de

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