Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie

Erasmus+ @ASP inter-views | vol.3

Opublikowano 6 maja 2021


MA: How are you today?

M: I'm good, thank you. 

MA: Can you introduce yourself?

M: I’m Monika. I’m from Slovakia and I’m studying Graphic Design at the University of West Bohemia in Czech Republic. I’m here on Erasmus+ exchange.

MA: Why have you chosen Poland if you’re from quite a similar country culturally?

M: The first reason is that I was a little bit afraid of speaking English, but the most important reason was that I really like Polish style of graphic design. That’s something different from graphic design at my home school. It’s more about art printing and painting something than just computer design. I really like this style, it’s something completely new for me. What’s more, taking into consideration the COVID situation,  I thought it’s good to choose a geographically close country, just in case. 

MA: How do you find yourself in Poland?

M: I really like it. I haven't been here before. I really like people from our Erasmus students group. They are very friendly. We started talking right after our first meeting. I’m very happy that I’m here. 

MA: The corona situation is not going to stop right now. How do you feel about it? Isn’t it making things harder for you?

M: I think if there was no corona, it would be better but i'm really enjoying the time here. I dont think it's big of a problem during Erasmus.

MA: List three things or people that inspire you the most.

M: I know a lot of graphic designers mostly from Czech Republic, but I don't know if meeting new people isn't the most inspirational for me.I mean people at the school, my friends and having conversations about graphic design with them.

MA: How would you describe your style?

M: I'm trying to combine graphic design and art. I think it’s possible at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. I really like thinking about concepts in my workflow. When I work on some posters, they always have some additional meaning. I really like bright colors, so my designs are always very colorful.

MA: The thing that you have said about the combination of art and design, I think it’s that way because the faculty itself is called the Faculty of Graphic Arts here instead. Do you have any other impressions of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw? 

M: I really like the print machine in our workspace and also the buildings look totally different than at my home school. It’s something completely different. In my home school, it's more like an open space with computers and so on. Here the workshops are very well equipped. It’s a big change for me. It’s more traditional and manual here.

MA: If anyone considered Erasmus exchange, what would be the most important things they should take into consideration?

M: Maybe just that I was very afraid of speaking English but right after two days in here I’ve just lost my fear because I realised everyone in my erasmus group is in the same situation as me. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand each other but its quite funny and make me feel comfortable about making mistakes because nobody is a perfect English speaker.

MA: You’ve found yourself in the international group. I can see it's important for you, that not only you have changed the environment and the school.

M: Yes, it's very interesting because in our group, there are people from all around Europe, from Turkey to France. It's very cool when we talk to each other about everything because each of us has a different point of view coming from different cultures.

MA: Activity that everyone should try while being here?

M: I really like visiting art galleries. I've been in Zachęta and the National Museum of Sculpture Królikarnia. Totally recommend them.