Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie

Erasmus+ @ASP inter-views | vol.2

Opublikowano 6 maja 2021


MA: I’m happy to meet and see you after a while that you're here, but first I would like you to introduce yourself.

S: I’m Siim. I’m from Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn and I’m studying Fashion Design here at ASP?

MA: And how do you like it?

S: I think the design class is really constructive and the development of the processes is built up really well so that I can achieve what I want.

MA: Are there any other specific reasons why you decided to extend your stay for the second semester?

S: Because I like it. I like the people here and I like Warsaw. I was supposed to go to Belgium for the second semester and it just didn't feel like a good idea to move to another foreign country and start building up everything again. So I felt that it would be better extending my stay here and it was a good idea.

MA: You mentioned that thanks to the program you’re able to achieve what you want. Is there any particular thing you're going to bring from here to your future journeys?

S: Experience here definitely opened up new ways to approach design now. 

MA: When it comes to sources of your inspiration could you name some? Generally, more individual choices of yours.

S: I will tell you what inspires me  about Warsaw. What I find interesting  here is the combination of old majestic architecture,and fairytalish ornamental metal fences overdrawn with robust graffiti. It looks really hybrid and contrasting and weird, I like it very much.. What’s more, it’s a bit dirty here and there are many broken buildings/streets which I find inspiring. Also music inspires me a lot, especially euphoric melodies, friends and people I meet and talk with, broken buildings, dirty walls with graffiti, and the style of homeless people.

MA: The people that you’ve met here. How did it impact your decision? Have you found yourself in this social fabric?

S: I have met many people here who I feel really comfortable to share ideas with, friends here definitely make me feel at home. I like the art community here, young people are passionate and open-minded, I feel good in it.  

MA: Do you have anyone in particular in mind who you would recommend to follow on social media? Do you have any favorite Polish contemporary artists?

S: Yes, I will show you: @luttolento, @michalknychaus, @ula.lucinska, @cezaryponiatowski.

MA:  Do you have any tips for students deciding on going for an Erasmus+ exchange? Would you change anything about your experience? 

S: Just go for it. It’s fun. I wouldn’t change anything, besides the quarantine.